AACFA agencies completed hundreds of adoptions this year

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By Judith Fischer Wollack, AACFA president 

It’s National Adoption Month, a time when we work to raise awareness about the thousands of children who need a permanent place to call home. 

The Association of Accredited Child & Family Agencies is made up of some of the largest non-profit, accredited child welfare agencies in Michigan, and our member organizations complete hundreds of adoptions each year, placing children with loving families around the state. 

COVID-19 has been hard on us all, and it created an increased demand for foster and adoptive parents and logistical issues for adoptions. Our agencies have worked tirelessly, despite an ongoing staffing shortage, to find safe and loving homes for the children in our care, remaining dedicated to the children, families and communities they serve. In the last year, our member organizations have completed hundreds of adoptions. 

During National Adoption Month, we celebrate and thank the workers and families who facilitate adoptions and help provide the loving environment that children deserve. 

Becoming an adoptive parent is the opportunity to provide a space for children that gives them the care they need and a family of their own. I’ve seen many families complete the adoption process, which can sometimes be time-consuming and complicated, and I can speak for all AACFA members when I say it is such a joy to see a child adopted. 

Of course, the adoption process comes with its challenges. AACFA agencies pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to children and families and being there for adoptive parents every step of the way.  

If you are interested in adoption, I highly encourage you to research our member organizations and the services they provide for prospective families. We do everything we can to give children and families the love and care they deserve. 


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