Michigan foster, adoptive children need PTSD resources

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By Judith Fischer Wollack 

Many children who enter the child welfare system have experienced traumatic events and need a safe place to cope. 

June 27 is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day, and as a group of non-profit, accredited child welfare organizations who work with children and families with PTSD, we believe it’s important to highlight existing resources and how policymakers can help children in our care who need support.  

Our organizations provide help to the children and families in our state who need it the most. Many children come into our care traumatized. Foster and adoptive children may have specific needs that we are equipped to treat, aiding in healing and coping.  

Trauma can affect children physically and mentally and can change the way they think for the rest of their lives. These children may develop unhealthy or dangerous behaviors, which could have protected them in the past from abusive behavior that initially traumatized them.  

Here are some helpful resources on parenting children who have experienced trauma. 

Non-profit, accredited child welfare agencies are here to help. Our organizations offer a full continuum of high-quality and comprehensive services, including counseling and mental health services for children and families. 

We offer this wide continuum of services with a fraction of the funding that state-run organizations receive, which is why we advocate for Fair Funding for Michigan Families. Increasing funding fairness across child welfare agencies would allow us to provide more high-quality services and meet the growing needs of children and families in Michigan who have experienced trauma, especially amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Children and families in Michigan, especially those who have experienced trauma, deserve the best possible care. Policymakers can help in this by funding our organizations fairly, so we are able to give children and families the support they need. 

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