Non-profit, accredited child welfare agencies celebrate National Adoption Month

Non-profit, accredited child welfare agencies celebrate National Adoption Month 

LANSING – November marks National Adoption Month, a month meant to raise awareness about the need for adoptive families for children. 

The Association of Accredited Child & Family Agencies is made up of some of the largest non-profit, accredited child welfare agencies in Michigan, completing hundreds of adoptions each year and ensuring children in need have a safe, loving place to call home. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on us all, and it has certainly created logistical issues when it comes to finalizing adoption placements,” said Judith Fischer Wollack, president of AACFA. “The non-profit, accredited child welfare agencies that make up AACFA’s membership remained dedicated to the children and families they serve and facilitated hundreds of adoptions this year. During National Adoption Month, we celebrate the workers and families who facilitate adoptions and help families provide the loving environment children deserve.” 

Hazel Park resident April Beaton had been fostering children through Orchards Children’s Services, an AACFA member, and is now the parent of Alex, 3, and Jacob, 1. Beaton officially adopted both children this year, though the two boys were placed in Beaton’s care when they were just days old. When she began fostering, Beaton did not expect to adopt but was open to the possibility. Both of her boys’ cases came to a point where they were ready to be adopted. 

Describing her children, Beaton says they are bouncing, bright geniuses — the cutest children on earth. Working with Orchards Children’s Services, Beaton had the resources she needed to foster and adopt both of her children.  

“When it comes to adopting from foster care, parents should remember they are adopting that child’s entire future and entire past,” Beaton said. “These children have a whole family history behind them that we now encompass in our own family history. The staff at Orchards Children’s Services have so much knowledge about the system and have processes in place for both birth and adoptive families to be successful. I had all the support I needed throughout both of my children’s cases.” 

Beaton’s is just one of the hundreds of adoptions AACFA organizations help facilitate each year. Along with adoptions and foster care, AACFA organizations like Orchards Children’s Services provide a multitude of resources for children and families.  

“We know that foster care and adoption can be complicated and emotionally-taxing processes, and Orchards is there for children and families every step of the way,” said President and CEO at Orchards, Michael Williams. “Our dedicated workers are there around-the-clock making sure children and families have the resources and care they need to thrive.” 

More information about the services AACFA organizations provide can be found on the AACFA website. 





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